About the Fredriksteen kennel

A luxury breeder of Miniature Pinschers

It all started back in Norway almost two decade ago. We was visiting Mrs. Ellinor Gustavsson ,a lady friend of ours, hwo had sold me a Doberman bitch years earlyer. Two small minpins was running in Mrs. Gustavssons garden together with her Dobermans. Both, my wife and my self, was agree that those small pinschers was the real ting. We had both, my wife and me, occasionally thought that we should have a smaller breed as well. The breed was not new to me, as I consider my self  a very good friend of the late Berit and Egil Stokkvin They were both well known judges and breeders. And as their friend I offen visit their home, and therfore  I was quite familiar with the breed. Mrs Gustavsson knew  of and old lady that have one for sale just now, and the trip to Drammen to the home of  mrs. Olga Tjugum did not take very long time. That afternon i had my very first vast feeling of being selected, I met Minni and I fall in love. Minni enter my life like a twister and stay like that, and this my friends is the story how the Fredriksteen breed of miniaturepinscher started.

So after a cople of more or less well consider litter and an accident mating we met the Johanson family the proprietor of kennel Quatitas, Falkenberg, Sveden  and they had the most ravishing litle dog i`ve ever seen and that litle fellow, Quatitas Antonio became the father of our Falco M av Fredriksteen (still alive and in good condition) and whom is the father of Jimmy M av Fredriksteen, Jimmy was born the perfect show star he like the show around him, he is a real stud and is still going strong and in his age of 9 he is doing servises in Italy for the moment. (se our front page)