We have been working with dog for more than two decade and breeding minpins for the last 15 years and are consequently become well known around.

Our dog is well known for their good temper and we are offen seen in the showring with our dogs. Statistics shows that every 3. puppi from us has achieve at least the title of Norwegean exhibition champion. There is 5 International champs and 3 off them is "home made" (our own breed) and one is multi champion (probably the first in Norway)

May 1. 2004 we move from Norway and settle down in Danmark in the county of Nord-Jylland in the middle of Vendsyssel a litle town called Vejby 10 km. from Løkken in a old abandon farm with a lot of plase for us and our dogs.

We are still deliver puppies all over and mintaine the same high standard as always.

We have accomodation in new rooms for puppi byers and others random guest at any time (admission to pictures of the roms from a link far down on the index pages) to a verry competitive prise.

Se map and road deskription and map in page "om os"



Vejbyvej 694 Vejby
9760  Vrå
Tel:+45 98999599
Mob; 509 50 676